Category: Technology

  • Review of Motorola V330 and T-Mobile

    About two months ago, I decided that it was time to give my old Nokia cellphone a break. I had it for about 2.5 years and it always worked very well. My original carrier was AT&T and then they merged with Cingular. The service with AT&T was always very good. I always had excellent signal […]

  • Flickr integration

    I decided to give Flickr a try and created an account and installed a WordPress plugin in my site to support it. I need to say that the integration was very easy and I like the results. I also installed a plugin to export my pictures directly from iPhoto to Flickr. Flick has some constrains […]

  • NI Week – Day Three

    Sorry for not posting sooner about the last NI Week day. I didn’t really spent much time there, since I only attended the morning keynote. It was given by Jeff Clarke, Senior Vice President of Dell Computer Corporation. The main point in the keynote was ‘Standardisation’. When a technology becomes a standard, its cost drops […]

  • NI Week – Day two!

    Yesterday the Robolab mentoring went pretty well. I was assigned to a group of guys from an Ohio company called Inoveris that produces digital media (CDs, DVDs, …) and a professor. They were the Robolab challenge champions at NIWeek 2004, so I thought that they were not going to need much help from me. But […]

  • NI Week – Day One

    I always thought it was very cool when people go to a conference and daily log their activities. So I’m going to try to do the same. I woke up early today and went with my sister, Marcos, Alejandro, Andres and Raffaele to Las Manitas Mexican restaurant to have breakfast. Then we headed to the […]

  • I should be in the credits of Star Wars : Episode III

    Well not really… But the special effects team of the Star Wars movie, used LabVIEW from National Instruments to control the movements of a space ship. Click here to watch the video showing LabVIEW in action!

  • Mac OS X Essentials

    A friend just bought one of the new 12″ PowerBooks and since this is his first mac, I wanted to send him a list of some applications that I use all the time. Here is the list: Quicksilver Application launcher VLC Video player. MPlayer Another videp player Httpmail-plugin Download your Hotmail email to Skype […]

  • Gimme tha PowerBook!

    I looked today at Apple Store special deals website and found that they had a very cheap refurbished PowerBook: Apple Certified PowerBook G4 12-inch TFT PowerBook G4 1.33GHz/ 256MB/ 60GB/ SuperDrive/ AP Extreme Card/ E/ 12-inch/ Aluminum – Apple Certified Original price: $1,799.00 Your price: $1,299.00 � Save 28% off the original price So I […]

  • Impact 128 MB SD Card and Pentax Optio S4i don't work!

    During the thanksgiving weekend I purchased an Impact 128 MB secure digital memory card for my digital camera (Optio S4i) at Walmart, because the price was really low (U$15). My friend Vanessa also purchased two memory cards of the same brand. When I tried the memory in my camera, it seemed to work ok, but […]