About this site

This blog started 20 years ago in 2004 and used to be the place I would publish news about my life, pictures of trips, general thoughts, etc. Blogs were a thing back then, before social media took over. It became way easier to post a status update on facebook or tweet something than to start a new blog post. So the blog slowly died.

I also became more aware/paranoid with respect to privacy, so I decided I no longer wanted to be so public with my personal life, so there is now fewer stories I want to share and post.

I however refuse to let this blog die, and will try to keep it on life support by posting occasionally.

One thing I do want to change today is the blog name. Twenty years ago Chichipanguanorrea made sense. It was a word that connected me back to my youth in Medellín. But now I find the name silly. Moving forward I will simply refer to this blog by its URL daniel.jllo.net.

Thank you Chichipanguanorrea for the last 20 years of fun we had together. Cheers!

Chi chi pan gua no rre a: n. [ tʃitʃi,panguano’rea ]

  1. Chichipato (pobre/”Don Nadie”) + Panguana (vago) + Gonorrea (persona despreciable)
  2. Pirobonorsofia
  3. Parceriguafer
  4. Dude (for the gringos)