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  • Ana Laura Correa

    Ana Laura Correa, originally uploaded by Daniel Jaramillo. Ana Laura Correa de la Lanza. (Testing flickr to blog functionatilty) ===================================== Review of the flickr to blog functionality Pros Easy one-step way of posting pictures in my blog. Cons Picture size goes from 500px to 250px. As you can see 500px is too large for WordPress […]

  • Smile to my new Nikon D40x

    Back in 2004 I bought myself a very small and nice digital camera Pentax Optio S4i as you probably already knew. For 3 years I’ve been taking lots of pictures and having lots of fun with my camera, but over this past 3 years I also realized how point and shot cameras are very limited […]

  • August update

    Blogs turn very lame when you dont post regularly. Recently I haven’t had anything exciting to write about, so my blog has been falling into the lame category. This post is just to summarize some of the things I have been doing recently or that I’m going to be doing in the near future. Party, […]

  • iPhone

    We took this picture at the Apple Store in The Galleria (Houston, TX) using an iMac built-in iSight camera while holding the new iPhone showing Marco’s site. The iPhone is super cool and all the demo units were fully functional, except when sending emails since you need an email account properly configured.

  • Microwaves

    This week I purschased a new microwave oven (Sharp R-1505LK) because apparently my old microwave oven was leaking. My old microwave (Kenmore) was a gift from a former housemate and it was about 10 years old. The way I figure it was leaking microwaves was because when I turned it on, my Dish Network signal […]

  • Hearing loss poll

    With age we lost the ability to hear high frequencies. I’m 28 and I cannot hear frecuencies above 15KHz. Here is a ringtone called ‘the mosquito’ which young people use for their cellphones to prevent adults from noticing that their cell phone is ringing. The ringtone frecuency is at 17KHz. I’m curious to know if […]

  • Still having issues with my PowerBook

    A few months ago I had problems with my PowerBook when I was organizing all the pictures I took in my last trip to Colombia. While working on iPhoto, the PB froze and I had to hold the power button for a few seconds to shut it down. When I turned the PB back on, […]

  • WordPress 2.0.1

    Kuddos to the DreamHost team for creating a one-click process to update a WordPress installation. It took me 5 minutes to upgrade my blog

  • Chichipanguanorrea ranks again #1 in Google for ‘daniel jaramillo’!

    Almost a year ago I posted in this blog that if you search my name on Google, Chichipanguanorrea was the first hit. Back then I was using HostRave as my host provider and SimplePHPBlog. I also mentioned that I wanted to add a counter to my website to monitor traffic. I installed BBClone and it […]

  • Powerbook + Coffee = Not good!

    Yesterday I had an accident with my PowerBook: I was having coffee for breakfast and spilled some of it over my PowerBook keyboard. I immediately shut it down and turned the laptop upside down, and used a towel to clean it. Since I had to go to work, I left it upside down all day. […]