NI Week – Day two!

Yesterday the Robolab mentoring went pretty well. I was assigned to a group of guys from an Ohio company called Inoveris that produces digital media (CDs, DVDs, …) and a professor. They were the Robolab challenge champions at NIWeek 2004, so I thought that they were not going to need much help from me. But since the laptops we got to build our programs were iBooks I got in charge of writting the software because I was familiar with the OS. Out of 6 missions, we were able to complete 4 in the 3 hour time slot we got. We picked the easiest missions and our software and hardware was actually very simple. We didn’t use touch or light sensors, only the motors and timing. Let’s see how things work out tonight.

This morning I went to Las Manitas again and then headed to the convention center for the keynote. Later I attended to a session called ‘Extreme Home Automation’ which made me think about doing some cool ‘home improvements‘ and then attended to a session showing how LabVIEW was taking advantage of three of the main features in Tiger OS X: Spotlight, Dashboard and Automator. I can see the Spotlight integration very useful, to quickly find VIs.

Now I’m back at work, but I’ll go to the convention center again this afternoon to cheer for my team in the Robolab challenge.

The Robolab contest was very fun and my team did very well. We ended up in 5th position.

Tomorrow is the last NI Week day and I think I’m only going to attend to the keynote.