Gimme tha PowerBook!

I looked today at Apple Store special deals website and found that they had a very cheap refurbished PowerBook:

Apple Certified PowerBook G4 12-inch TFT

PowerBook G4 1.33GHz/ 256MB/ 60GB/ SuperDrive/ AP Extreme Card/ E/ 12-inch/ Aluminum – Apple Certified

Original price: $1,799.00

Your price: $1,299.00

� Save 28% off the original price

So I told Kirsch about it, because I knew he was looking to buy one. Then he says to me: you should buy it!

I've been wanting to buy a new Apple computer for a while, since my iBook G3 600MHz is almost 3 years old, and I told my mom I was going to give it to her. So the idea of buying it started jumping in my head, until I finally decided to buy it.

But wait! there is more!

Now Marcos is suggesting me that instead of giving my iBook to my mom, I should sell it on eBay and with the money I can buy a Mac Mini for my mom… that actually sounded like a great idea.


I'm writting this update from my new PowerBook!