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  • New President, new look

    I’m so happy Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States that I went ahead and updated my blog look. [poll id=”1″]

  • Taking doodling one step up

    I have to admit it: I am a doodler. I’ve done it since I was in elementary school, I did it in high school, college and I still do it at work. Wikipedia argues that doodling happens to students during boring classes. I don’t think that is my case: when I’m doodling at work I […]

  • Let’s get virtual

    Almost a year ago I was posting about my new MacBook and how I installed Bootcamp in it to try it out. It was a fun test although I have only launched my Windows XP partition a couple of times in the past year. There is nothing I cannot run in OS X so having […]

  • The DJ has a new toy

    Today I went to the Apple Store at the Domain and bought myself an xSessionPro: a USB mixing device that you can use to mix tracks on your computer and pretend that you are a DJ. It comes with a software called Torq Mixlab which is pretty simple but powerful and after a few minutes […]

  • Posting your pictures online

    Sharing your pictures on the web seems like a very trivial matter, right? well I can tell you it is not that trivial. Here is my story. Back in 2004 when I first created Chichipanguanorrea I chose Fotopic as the solution for sharing my pictures. The interface was ugly but uploading the pictures was very […]

  • WordPress 2.5 upgrade

    I’m not going to give you all the nasty details, but I just updated Chichipanguanorrea 3.0 to use WordPress 2.5 and it wasn’t a smooth upgrade. Anyway finally I got everything back in order so you (and the other 4 readers) can continue enjoying the Chichipanguanorrea sensation.

  • The salt and the condiments: a true story

    Salt loves to play with its favorite orange ball, not because it reminds it of its ING bank account or its previous job at Arthur Andersen. Salt simply loves the orange ball. So when I saw those stupid condiments taking the orange ball from salt, I felt really sad. Things will never be the same […]

  • Writing in the middle of nowhere

    It is 8:52pm on a monday of 2008 and I just challenged myself to write a post for my blog using a trial version of the application WriteRoom. I read about this application last night on Slashdot when some people were complaining that text editors like Microsoft Word are cluttered with so many user interface […]

  • My new MacBook

    Finally I can tell you all about my new MacBook. I bought it last November but I couldn’t publish anything about it in this blog because I wanted to surprise my mother because I gave her my previous laptop as a present. I’m very pleased with the MacBook but I have to admit that there […]

  • Show me your teamwork

    I spent all day yesterday at the 2007 Challenge organized by First Lego League (FLL) organization which is a Robotics contest for kids using LEGO Mindstorms. The day was very fun and the team i was coaching, the Pond Springs Pioneers finished in 19th place out of 60th teams. But the best thing is that […]