Chichipanguanorrea ranks again #1 in Google for ‘daniel jaramillo’!

Daniel Jaramillo #1 in Google ranking!

Almost a year ago I posted in this blog that if you search my name on Google, Chichipanguanorrea was the first hit.

Back then I was using HostRave as my host provider and SimplePHPBlog. I also mentioned that I wanted to add a counter to my website to monitor traffic. I installed BBClone and it works great. So far Chichipanguanorrea 3.0 has been visited by 5638 unique visitors.

Then I switched to a different host (DreamHost) and blog freamework (WordPress). When I did this, my website fell down from the top position of the Google ranking. The first hit (ranked 16th or something worse) was not even from my own site, but instead it was from Marcos’ blog.

I read once that one of the criterias for Google to rank a website, is by looking at how recent is the domain. If a domain is younger than 1 year, the site will have less weight. That kind of makes sense, because you should trust older websites more than new ones. But in my case, it wasn’t really a new website. It was an old website being moved to a new domain.

By the way, I just found this article that I could have used in the past: Switching to a New Domain Without Losing Your Google Rankings

Anyway, I was sad to see that I was no longer the coolest Daniel Jaramillo on the web! It really hurted my ego! 🙂

But no worries people! Google has now put me back on #1!