This week I purschased a new microwave oven (Sharp R-1505LK) because apparently my old microwave oven was leaking. My old microwave (Kenmore) was a gift from a former housemate and it was about 10 years old. The way I figure it was leaking microwaves was because when I turned it on, my Dish Network signal will be lost. The tv will show a blue and gray text message telling that the communication with the satellite was lost.

I read on the web that microwave ovens can affect wireless networks, cellphones and other devices and not necessarily have to be leaking. But the only way to find out if my microwave was leaking, was purchasing a leak detector and I didn’t wanted to do that. Since my kitchen originally had an over the range microwave oven installed that never worked and that I removed, I decided it would be better to buy one and take advantage of the fact that the microwave wont be using any countertop space. Besides if I ever sell my house, I would probably buy a microwave so the kitchen looks better, so I decided to buy it and enjoy it now.

About the installation of the Sharp R-1505LK

The installation wasn’t very easy. My friend Jeronimo helped me out, but it took us about 3 hours to install it. What screwed us was the fact that the microwave comes with a piece of paper that helps you to make the holes in the wall for the screws that will hold the microwave. Well, the holes in the piece of paper dont match the holes in the mounting plate. So we had to drill back a few holes. I’m going to email Sharp and let them know about this. Besides that, the microwave looks very good.

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