New President, new look

Barack and Michelle Obama

I’m so happy Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States that I went ahead and updated my blog look.

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4 responses to “New President, new look”

  1. I like the template, but there’s a typo:
    On the right column under blogroll it should say “The Marcos Kirsch Experience®”
    It says: “The Marcos Kirsch Experience”

  2. I don’t like that picture too much – he looks intimidated. maybe there’s a better one somewhere? (well, if it was you who took it – it’s great, leave it!)

  3. Le hace falta el color al blog, o con esa imagen tan seria debería ir un nombre de blog serio!!

  4. lo mismo pense sobre el nombre del blog y su nuevo formato. como que no hace click. =) pero se me hace chido el nuevo formato.
    pa que le haces caso a marcos? que se aguante como los machos.