My new MacBook

Apple MacBook
Finally I can tell you all about my new MacBook. I bought it last November but I couldn’t publish anything about it in this blog because I wanted to surprise my mother because I gave her my previous laptop as a present.

I’m very pleased with the MacBook but I have to admit that there are a couple of things where I think the PowerBook is much better. I like the PowerBook keyboard better and I also dislike the sharp borders of the MacBook, because it leaves marks in your wrist.

But to be fair, I love the new glossy widescreen display, the remote with front row, the iSight webcam.

I also installed BootCamp and Windows XP on a 10GB partition and was able to play Need for Speed Porsche. The process for getting Windows XP running on my MacBook was really straight forward and all the hardware in the MacBook was recognized and works great so I have to give Apple kudos for that.


4 responses to “My new MacBook”

  1. Buying a MacBook to install Windows OS on it is like making an ordinary milk shake with a gourmet Banana Split. Who needs Windows?

  2. Enrique,
    I agree with you that OS X is a MUCH superior OS than any Windows OS flavor. I did the Windows partition on my Mac because I wanted to learn and try the procedure myself. My hard drive is 120GB: 110GB for OS X, 10GB for Windows. You can clearly see that I’m giving Windows very little space in my Mac.

    But keep in mind that PC World named the MacBook Pro, the fastest laptop to run Windows Vista in 2007, so I suppose someone could decide to buy one of this boxes to run Vista on it.

  3. Hello Daniel,
    “You can clearly see that I’m giving Windows very little space in my Mac.” I hope you give it very little space in your MIND as well. Cheers!