Writing in the middle of nowhere

It is 8:52pm on a monday of 2008 and I just challenged myself to write a post for my blog using a trial version of the application WriteRoom. I read about this application last night on Slashdot when some people were complaining that text editors like Microsoft Word are cluttered with so many user interface (UI) elements that you get really distracted when it comes to write something. On the other hand, this WriteRoom application presents you with the simpler interface on earth: just the text you are writing.

WriteRoom screenshot

These people also argued that when you open Microsoft Word, you feel like you are going to write a school paper and not the next bestseller novel. I think there is some true behind those arguments, but I wanted to try it myself and write a post using this simple application which happens to have a not-so-simple price of U$24.95.

I must say that besides the cool factor of writing with a screen that looks like a terminal from the 80’s I don’t really feel a huge difference using it. In fact it is now 9:02pm and these 3 paragraphs is my great contribution to the literature world. Maybe someone who is actually writing a novel and spends hours in front of the screen could really appreciate this tool.

2 responses to “Writing in the middle of nowhere”

  1. Sorry to disappoint you Parolis, but this application is only for Mac. Unless what you are really saying between lines is that with the money you are making on your new shinny job you are actually going to buy one of those new shiny MacBook Air laptops! 🙂