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  • update october 2022

    This is another update since I last posted an update in 2019. 2020 Traveled to Montevideo, Uruguay on January 31st with the plan of staying there for 3.5 months and learn more about the country and the beer industry. Very quickly realized that in Uruguay people don’t work much between December and April. Those are […]

  • Homebrew Sake

    I have been curious about homebrewing sake for several years and finally decided to try it after watching a youtube video that made the process seem much easier than I had read before. However even though the simplicity of the process in this video inspired me, I decided to do more research and ended up […]


    This is the second part of a post I shared recently regarding best practices to help us with your online privacy and security. Email Be aware that when you use an email account from GMail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc you are compromising your privacy. These companies give you a free email account, but in exchange […]

  • Privacy and security in the covid-19 times

    With everyone staying home the use of online platforms for communication has increased and with that the inherent problems that some platforms have when it comes to protecting security and privacy increases too. So why not use this opportunity to share some best practices I follow in order to keep myself and those I communicate […]

  • brewery plans update

    This is a less verbose English version update of my brewery plans that partially repeats some of the information posted here. 2001 – Graduated from Computer Science degree in Medellín, Colombia and moved to Austin, Texas to work for National Instruments. 2014 – Unhappy with role and salary at National Instruments began the process of […]

  • Programming Interview Tips

    Behavioral Questions Think about good examples you can describe from school (or internship) projects that were successful, in which you played an important role. Think about projects that went wrong initially and how the situation was corrected. What did you learn from the situation? what would you do different next time? think about a difficult […]

  • City of Austin improvements

    Lamar and 183 Going north on Lamar and when getting close to 183 only the right-most lane is for cars going on 183. This causes a long line of cars (which capmetro makes this worse because they have buses stopping in the right-most lane too) while the other two lanes flow fine and don’t have […]

  • Testing M Chart

    Created a chart using M Chart plugin. Really impressed with how easy it was to create a chart. Now I need to figure how to modify data dynamically. [chart id=”1085″]

  • Barrel Assembly

    Corría el año 2014 y luego de trabajar por 13 años en National Instruments estaba listo para probar nuevos rumbos. Comencé a mirar oportunidades de trabajo disponibles y la verdad ninguna parecía llenar mis expectativas. Sin embargo me animé a una entrevista con Roku en Austin. No me fue bien y ahí me dí cuenta […]

  • El día que Colombia le dijo NO a una paz regularcita

    Imaginen una persona de de 47 años que luego de haber aplicado fallidamente a la universidad varias veces en su vida, por fin la aceptan en el 2011. Por cinco años se quiebra el coco y estudia juiciosa y trata de sacar las mejores notas, pero pues no siempre le va bien en los exámenes. […]