brewery plans update

This is a less verbose English version update of my brewery plans that partially repeats some of the information posted here.


– Graduated from Computer Science degree in Medellín, Colombia and moved to Austin, Texas to work for National Instruments.


– Unhappy with role and salary at National Instruments began the process of looking for a new job, but in the process I discover that software development no longer excites me. Instead (and out of nowhere) one night I decide that I want to start a Brewery in Austin.
– Buy my first kit for home brewing beer.


– Quit National Instruments, take 1.5 months off and tour Germany, Belgium and Czech Republic with my brother visiting several breweries for inspiration: Cantillon, Rodenbach, Huyghe, d’Achouffe, Timmermans and Staropramen.
– Started working at Visa Inc.
– Continue home brewing and learning more about beer making.


– Toured Ireland and Scotland with friend Juan Sequeda and visited several pubs and whisky distilleries for inspiration.
– Continue home brewing and learning more about beer making.


– Quit Visa Inc. and decide it is time to start working on a business plan to start a brewery.
– Accept an opportunity to work as a part time contractor for National Instruments.
– Register the company Barrel Assembly LLC.
– Continue home brewing and learning more about beer making.


– Decide that I no longer want to start a business in the USA because of the toxic political climate and culture. ICE separating families seeking asylum and locking kids in cages was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
– Began process of finding a new country to move and start brewery business. Requirements for country are:
== Non-toxic political/cultural climate and progressive government
== Spanish or English speaking. Or possibly French, Italian or Portuguese.
== Not prone to natural disasters caused by climate crisis.
== With an investor Visa program that is not prohibitively expensive
== Possible candidate countries: Portugal, New Zealand, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Panamá
– Obtained BJCP certification.
– Continue home brewing and learning more about beer making.


– Visited Portugal for two weeks in February. Beautiful country and people. Small but great craft beer industry. Visited breweries Dois Corvos, Oitava Colina, Algarve Rock to learn about the industry.
Portugal Gold Visa requires the investment of €350,000 on a property + €50,000 in legal/government fees
– Visited Uruguay for two weeks in October. Beautiful country and amazing people. Small and good craft beer industry. Visited breweries Davok, Moss, Por Culpa de Sam, Mastra, Chiripa, Indica, Oliver, Matute (Mist), Malafama and Oso Pardo to learn about the industry.
– As a Colombian I can live and work in Uruguay up to 4 years thanks to Mercosur treaty.


– Will visit Uruguay for 3.5 months between February and May to experience the country with a longer stay and to learn as much as possible about the laws, market, permits, etc required to start a beer business in Uruguay and permanently move there.
– To be continued…

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