City of Austin improvements

Lamar and 183
Going north on Lamar and when getting close to 183 only the right-most lane is for cars going on 183. This causes a long line of cars (which capmetro makes this worse because they have buses stopping in the right-most lane too) while the other two lanes flow fine and don’t have as much traffic. Many cars don’t form in line and instead stay on the middle lane and cut to the right most lane at the very end in order to take 183. My suggestion is to make the middle lane also for cars going on 183 since it is already getting used that way. This improvement does not require changes other than redrawing the lanes on the street and adding a sign indicating how it needs to be used and I think it will considerably improve the traffic flow.

183 southbound and traffic merging in after Burnet Rd.
There is a bottleneck on 183 south bound (past Burnet Rd) right-most lane and the traffic trying to merge into 183. Basically at that point 183 makes a turn, so traffic on 183 do not realize that there is traffic merging into the highway (the arc prevents you from seeing this until it is too late). This causes traffic to almost halt to a full stop in that merging point. If 183 drivers knew that there was incoming traffic merging they would try to switch to the center or left-most lanes, allowing incoming traffic to merge easily on the right-most lane.