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  • Donación de cabello

    La última vez que me corté el cabello muy corto, fue en el verano del 2007 antes de irme a la boda de Eva y Niv en Puerto Escondido, México. Desde ese entonces llevaba aproximadamente 2 años y medio dejándome crecer el cabello, tiempo en el cual solo en dos oportunidades lo corté un poco. […]

  • Susto a las 4 de la madrugada

    Anoche me encontraba durmiendo placidamente cuando comencé a escuchar ruidos afuera de mi casa. Inicialmente pareció que alguien tocaba en mi ventana, luego en la puerta de la cocina que sale al patio y luego los ruidos se intensificaron y alguien definitivamente estaba tocando la puerta pricipal. Además comencé a ver luces dentro de mi […]

  • Chichipanguanorrea goes Spanish

    A deep apology to the english native speaker readers of Chichipanguanorrea, but this is going to be the last english-written post you will read here. I’m now going to write in spanish because it is my native language and I can be more eloquent at it. However I will still publish english versions of some […]

  • Medellín 2008: The trip

    View Larger Map It all started on July 30th at 3:30am when I get this phone call: Me: “He…mfff…llo…bmgrrr?” Cab driver: “Hello are you Mr. Jaramillo? I´m the cab driver and I´m waiting for you outside your house” Me: “Dude! I asked for a cab for July 31st! You came 24 hours too soon!” Cab […]

  • 30 years and counting

    It has been almost a month since I wrote my last post two days before my birthday. I have to thank everyone who made it to my birthday party. It was really fun. I also want to thank all the friends and family members that sent me happy birthday wishes through emails, instant messages, phone […]

  • Life in Austin: Update (not worth reading)

    There is a time in every blogger’s life when you simply don’t have much interesting material to post about, so you decide to create a post about the last few things that have been going on. Unfortunately this is not the first time I do this, so feel free to drop some hate comments and […]

  • No more FARC in Austin

    This coming February 4th: join us in the mobilization against FARC. It is really sad to see how the “Colombianos en UT” group have changed the main objective for the mobilization. Here is the text they sent through the “Asociación de Colombianos en Austin”: Please join us Monday, February 4 2008 10:30 am at South […]

  • My new MacBook

    Finally I can tell you all about my new MacBook. I bought it last November but I couldn’t publish anything about it in this blog because I wanted to surprise my mother because I gave her my previous laptop as a present. I’m very pleased with the MacBook but I have to admit that there […]

  • Happy Holidays 2007

    Designed by JD Chichipanguanorrea 3.0 staff wishes you love and joy during these holidays and an amazing new year 2008. This time we are very sorry we could not hire neither Ugly Santa nor Ugly Elf, but we put together this beautiful christmas tree to keep the holiday spirit alive and we hope you enjoy […]

  • Show me your teamwork

    I spent all day yesterday at the 2007 Challenge organized by First Lego League (FLL) organization which is a Robotics contest for kids using LEGO Mindstorms. The day was very fun and the team i was coaching, the Pond Springs Pioneers finished in 19th place out of 60th teams. But the best thing is that […]