30 years and counting

It has been almost a month since I wrote my last post two days before my birthday. I have to thank everyone who made it to my birthday party. It was really fun. I also want to thank all the friends and family members that sent me happy birthday wishes through emails, instant messages, phone calls, etc…

So what does it feel to turn 30 years old? I got to tell you that it feels really good. Someone told me recently that when you turn 30, you are now officially an adult. You can no longer excuse your stupidity by saying things like: “I was young and I didn’t knew any better!”. It also feels great that many people don’t think I’m 30, so I can pretend to be young and stupid if I really want to. But honestly, playing the grown up mature adult role suits me better.

My parents gave me Garmin nüvi 200 GPS for my car as a present. It is a really cool device and I’ve been playing with it a little bit. I really want to do a road trip to see its full potential and I’m also curious about Geocaching. I also got from my friends in Austin a really nice gift: a $220 certificate from Amazon which I’m still planning to spend. I’m debating between buying a lens for my D40x, a DVD recorder, an Airport Express or a bunch of toilet paper.

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