Super Awesome Firemans #4 Ultimate Fitness Program Cancelled

Program cancelled

It is with both great sadness and great relief that I have decided to cancel the “Super Awesome Firemans #4 Ultimate Fitness Program” today.

The reasons for canceling the program are:

  • The lack of desire for drinking a beer I get some days
  • The absence of Firemans #4 beer in some local bars in town
  • The fact that I already skipped two days in the program
  • My friends betting behind my back on how long is going to take me to drink a beer the days I tell them “Tonight I’m not going to drink”
  • The program is not improving my juggling skills
  • The last episode of Lost was terrible


2 responses to “Super Awesome Firemans #4 Ultimate Fitness Program Cancelled”

  1. I must say that while not surprised, I am very disappointed about your lack of seriousness. You never seem to finish anything you start. You should be ashamed of yourself.