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  • Trip to Spain: Toledo

    Yesterday I went to Toledo with Idoia. You take the metro to the Mendez Alvaro station and from there you take a bus that takes you to Toledo in 1 hour. The city is amazing. Is a maze with streets facing all directions and with great buildings all around. There is a big cathedral, mosques […]

  • Trip to Spain: Madrid

    Today I got to Madrid. The flight from Barcelona only takes hour and a half, but I spent 6 hours including trains, metros and airports. Finally I got to the Hostel in Madrid and I took a cold shower and then I called Idoia and met her and her friends (Monica and Vanessa) in the […]

  • Trip to Spain: Barcelona day 2

    The flight to Spain was very loooooong, but everything work out very well. I arrived to Madrid at one of the old terminals and then had to take a bus to Terminal 4 which is new and works exclusively for Iberia. The terminal was very nice. Carolina was waiting for me at Barcelona´s airport. We […]

  • Trip to Spain: Episode II

    In case you wondered about how expensive is to go to Spain for 2 weeks, here is my expenses report so far: – Plane tickets (Austin – Barcelona) $676 – Health insurance $30 – Plane ticket (one way Barcelona – Madrid) 47.9 € – 1GB SD memory for my digital camera $24.99 – Refurbished iPod […]