Trip to Spain: Barcelona day 2

The flight to Spain was very loooooong, but everything work out very well. I arrived to Madrid at one of the old terminals and then had to take a bus to Terminal 4 which is new and works exclusively for Iberia. The terminal was very nice.

Carolina was waiting for me at Barcelona´s airport. We took the train to her apartment and had a yummy ajiaco which she prepared. Then I took a nap (I still have the jet lag) and then we went to a gallery – bar where we met with her friends Natalia and Marco and had a couple of beers. Later we went to another bar called Ultramarino and had more beers. We left the place around 3am and at that time the metro is closed, so we had to take a bus and then walk 15 blocks to get home.

Today we are going to the ´Sagrada Familia´ and downtown Barcelona.

I´m trying to upload some pictures but this internet connection sucks. But just in case check here.