Trip to Spain: Episode II

In case you wondered about how expensive is to go to Spain for 2 weeks, here is my expenses report so far:

– Plane tickets (Austin – Barcelona) $676
– Health insurance $30
– Plane ticket (one way Barcelona – Madrid) 47.9 €
– 1GB SD memory for my digital camera $24.99
– Refurbished iPod shuffle (present for Carolina my host in Barcelona) $35
– Bag (my previous bag was destoyed after my last trip) $50
– New shoes (my old shoes had holes in the sole) $50

Things I haven’t bought but I know that I will:
– Backpack ~ $80
– Peanut Butter ~ $5 (Caro is crazy about peanut butter)
– Haircut ~ $15

I also got my self a new American Express Blue credit card, because I heard that they give you the best conversion rates when you use it outside the US and I bought some Euros at Wells Fargo.

Itinerary version 1.0
This is my first attempt to define an itinerary for the trip.

Nov 17: Barcelona
Nov 19: Flight Barcelona – Madrid
Nov 22: Toledo
Nov 23: Granada (meet with Caro)
Nov 24: Cordoba
Nov 25: ?
Nov 26: Barcelona
Nov 27: San Sebastian (not sure about this)
Nov 29: Barcelona
Nov 30: Austin

[Update 11/09/2006]

Expenses update:
– REI Lookout Backpack $80
– Flight Madrid – Granada 10 €
– Flight Granada – Barcelona 72.90 €
– Hostel Rambutan Guesthouse 59.94 € (2 nights / 2 people)

Itinerary version 2.0

Nov 16: Austin – Barcelona
Nov 17: Barcelona
Nov 19: Flight Barcelona – Madrid (4pm)
Nov 22: Toledo
Nov 23: Flight Madrid – Granada (1:30pm) (meet with Caro in Granada)
Nov 24: Granada or Cordoba
Nov 25: Flight Granada – Barcelona (6:40pm)
Nov 30: Austin

I just got an email from my friend Idoia Irigaray, a girl from San Sebastian that I met in Medellín about 6 or 7 years ago because of CVX. Initially I wanted to go to San Sebastian to see her but the tickets from Barcelona are expensive (~200 €) and I don’t have much time, but the good news is that she is going to be in Madrid the same days as me, so we are going to see each other over there. Is going to be so much fun!