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  • Homebrew Sake

    I have been curious about homebrewing sake for several years and finally decided to try it after watching a youtube video that made the process seem much easier than I had read before. However even though the simplicity of the process in this video inspired me, I decided to do more research and ended up […]

  • El mono rosado (o como el sabor de la venganza es dulce)

    Hace unos 3 o 4 años mi amigo Alejandro Corona se mudó a su nueva casa y organizó una fiesta de inauguración. Recuerdo que estaba en el supermercado (quizá en HEB) comprando cervezas y comida para la fiesta y tal vez acababa de pasar el día de San Valentín entonces los artículos con ese motivo […]

  • 10 años y 10 días en Austin

    Noviembre 3, 2001 – Noviembre 13, 2011 Viviendas Riata y Margalene Way Conciertos Manu Chao, Coldplay, The Chemical Brothers, Cafe Tacvba, Control Machete, Eli Guerra, Lauryn Hill, The Shins, Smashing Pumpkins, NIN, Stone Temple Pilots, Molotov, Aterciopelados, Bomba Estereo, Choc Quib Town, Soda Stereo, Systema Solar, Gustavo Ceratti, DJ Tiesto, Tool, Metallica, Muse, LCD soundsystem, […]

  • En caso de emergencia

    En caso de una emergencia, este es el único código de barras-QR que debes aprenderte. Nunca salgas de casa sin él.

  • Christchurch Cathedral

    September 2009 February 2011 (after a 6.3-earthquake)

  • Naturalization

    08/25/2010 Dropped on the mail the forms and documents required to apply for the U.S. Citizenship. I’m going to use this post to track the progress of the process. Wish me luck! 09/09/2010 Received form I-797C indicating the reception of my application by the Department of Homeland Security. 09/18/2010 Received another form I-797C with an […]

  • Human brain is ~85% broccoli

    I just made an outstanding discovery that want to share with the scientific world. Human brain is about 85% broccoli. I know is hard to believe but here is the mathematical proof: Human Brain is 77-78% water(1) Broccoli is 91% water(2) ~0.775 HB = Water 0.910 Br = Water ~0.775 HB = 0.910 Br ~(0.775/0.910) […]

  • Stolen laptop and camera

    My laptop and SLR camera got stolen last July 20th from my house. I’m posting the model and serial numbers of both in case someone ever searches for them. That way they will know that these are stolen items and who these items belonged to. Apple MacBook (white) 13.3″ 2.2GHz 2GB 500GB Model: MB062LL/B Serial […]

  • Fiebre de Marzo

    ‘No Line on the Horizon’ es el nuevo disco de U2, una de mis bandas favoritas. El disco lo compré en la tienda en línea de Amazon por U$4, menos de lo que pago por un burrito de Freebirds (más saludable por supuesto). Por ahora me gusta el disco, y le estoy agarrando gustico. Es […]

  • Happy Holidays 2008

    Another great year is almost over and to carry on with the tradition we started back in 2004, this holiday season the Chichipanguanorrea staff is proud to bring you the ugly reindeer. We wanted to hire ugly Santa again or even one of his ugly Elves. Unfortunately since the government has decided to NOT bail […]