Dropped on the mail the forms and documents required to apply for the U.S. Citizenship. I’m going to use this post to track the progress of the process. Wish me luck!

Received form I-797C indicating the reception of my application by the Department of Homeland Security.

Received another form I-797C with an appointment to have my fingerprints taken on September 24th! This is moving fast!

Got my fingerprints taken and a copy of the booklet “Learn About the United States – Quick Civic Lessons for the Naturalization Test”.

Received another I-797C form with an appointment for an interview on December 2nd in San Antonio.

Interviewed and presented test in San Antonio. Passed test with flying honors.

Received form N-445: Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony on the 17 of February 2011 in San Antonio.

Naturalization Oath Ceremony in San Antonio.


5 responses to “Naturalization”

  1. How come they don’t have your fingerprints since long ago? They certainly have mine!
    And what would they need them for in the first place? This sounds serious to me…
    – I’d love you to ask why it’s done but then of course you don’t want to take risks in this 😉

  2. Too bad I saw your comment after my appointment, or I would have asked. They indeed got my fingerprints back when I was applying for the permanent residency. I had to drive to Houston to do it because the lawyers facilitating the process screwed up and sent their address instead of my address for the appointment so instead of San Antonio, they sent me to Houston. It is nice that they now have a location in Austin. The placed looked brand new, I was the only “client” there and they were really nice. The scanners they use to take the fingerprints are really cool and have amazing image recognition systems. Now I need to learn how many U.S senators are there.

  3. So do you know now how many _there are_, and do you have a date yet for your Naturalization test?

    Sorry, I’m fascinated by laws and migration, especially in a country where… well, you know. It’s crap around here.