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  • Job interview

    Take a look at these funny pictures taken during my job interview with National Instruments back in 2001. Thanks to Victor for sharing the pictures!

  • 2500 words

    Can you write 2500 words a day? El reto era escribir 2500 palabras. El motivo parte de una conversación con Lucia sobre una página que…. bueno entre la frase inicial y esto que escribo ahorita pasaron unos 30 minutos, pues antes de adentrarme a escribir 2500 palabras, preferí instalar en mi PowerBook una configuración de […]

  • Happy Bday to me!

    Wow! I always thought that my birthday was sometime in June, but apparently I’m a Capricorn and my birthday is in January.

  • Microwaves

    This week I purschased a new microwave oven (Sharp R-1505LK) because apparently my old microwave oven was leaking. My old microwave (Kenmore) was a gift from a former housemate and it was about 10 years old. The way I figure it was leaking microwaves was because when I turned it on, my Dish Network signal […]

  • Merry Christmas from the Ugly Elf!

    This year ugly Santa is not gonna be able to wish you a Merry Christmas, but instead he is sending one of his Elves to do so. You can even watch the ugly Elf dancing!

  • Trip to Spain: Episode II

    In case you wondered about how expensive is to go to Spain for 2 weeks, here is my expenses report so far: – Plane tickets (Austin – Barcelona) $676 – Health insurance $30 – Plane ticket (one way Barcelona – Madrid) 47.9 € – 1GB SD memory for my digital camera $24.99 – Refurbished iPod […]

  • Trip to Spain: Episode I

    [Update – 10/24/2006] : My visa just got approved! 😀 Pa’ España me voy! Joder! A few months ago, I was chatting with my friend Carolina Vásquez and I was telling her that the next three places I would like to visit for vacations would be: Australia, Spain and the southern part of south america […]

  • Water Skiing at Lake Travis

    Marcos posted some good pictures of this adventure!

  • Mom! I’m on TV!

    Mamá triunfé! Here is my first short film that I did using my friend’s handycam (Sony DCR-HC46). Ok it is not a short film, it is just me showing you my house in Austin. Sorry but I speak spanish in the video. The video format is MP4 (requires QuickTime), the size is 22 MB and […]

  • My first story on AgoraVox!

    I was contacted a few weeks ago by AgoraVox, a news web site based on blog entries from authors all over the world. They wanted me to join their community and since all it was required from me, was to allow them to use content from my blog I accepted and joined them. Today I […]