Super Awesome Firemans #4 Ultimate Fitness Program – day 9

Day 9 – The return
Day 9

Day Height Weight Facial hair Pants size Juggling skills Mood Enjoyment Level Random number Feeling better?
9 5’1 Under 150 lb 18 y.o mustache 31 10 Sad 89% 4 8 15 16 23 42 Like a Silver Stallion

I must apologize to everyone for abandoning the fitness program on Sunday. I did had two beers (a franziskaner and a 512 hefeweizen) that day after playing the last soccer game of the season with the NI Eagles but then I had absolutely no desire for having yet another beer.

2 responses to “Super Awesome Firemans #4 Ultimate Fitness Program – day 9”

  1. well so far I can tell that your mood changes as I would expect the mood of a drug addict would. An emotional roller-coaster!

    I think you should add a table of equivalent sizes for the different brands of pants that you own… there is no way that you increase/decrease one pant size with one beer… so, if you wanna be more realistic, I think we need to have an Size Chart.. like Victoria Secret does…

    oh.. no wonder why you were frustrated with beer 8… zero juggling skills because you were thinking about sex with a french girl (oui?)

    I’m thinking to make my own blog 🙂 Thx!

  2. I’m surprised with the mood changes too. Amazing how many emotions can come from a beer…. simply amazing…

    According to Victoria Secret’s size chart, I would be a 14.

    Very interesting observations you made I must say.