Super Awesome Firemans #4 Ultimate Fitness Program – day 7

Day 7 – Meiners’ patio is full of fun
Day 7

Day Height Weight Facial hair Pants size Juggling skills Mood Enjoyment Level Random number Feeling better?
7 5’1 Under 150 lb 16 y.o mustache 31 3 Hysterical 185% 0.715433895587921 What kind of question is that?

Tarda en llegar, y al final, hay recompensa. Animo Gustavo!

2 responses to “Super Awesome Firemans #4 Ultimate Fitness Program – day 7”

  1. so you increased one size for your pants? seriously? only one week drinking?
    Also, I noted that both days that you were pants-less, your juggling skills were 4?? does it have something to do with Los Amigos Invisibles song? :p

  2. You are going to have to enlighten me about what song you refer to. But I do find the correlation between my juggling skills and wearing or not pants fascinating! That is the kind of instrumental feedback I’m hoping to receive from the scientific community!