High Fidelity

The author is Nick Hornby and the book is from 1995. The main character is Rob: a mid thirties bloke that owns a small record store and used to be a DJ and loved it. He thinks you should own at least 1000 records to prove that you appreciate and know music. He hates U2 and Pink Floyd (among others) which means that if we ever met I will punch him in the face. I wonder if he also hates Soda Stereo or NIN…

Rob has had some messed up relationships in the past and currently things are not going well with his girlfriend (Laura).

The book is entertaining and makes for an interesting read.

Recently I purchased a pair of Wharfedale DIAMOND 9.2 speakers from ebay and I also got these amazing speaker stands from a guy who posted an add on craigslist for only $10! Now I’m spending my evenings in my living room studying for the GRE test and listening to The Final Cut.

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