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  • Don Quijote volumen 2 capítulo 49

    Hace más de un mes publiqué la última entrada del blog anunciando el cambio de idioma de los artículos al español y prometiendo mejor calidad en los mismos, promesa que hasta ahora se ha quedado corta. Ese mismo día, como queriéndome resarcir con mi lengua madre, me inscribí voluntariamente a un proyecto cuyo objetivo es […]

  • High Fidelity

    BOOK The author is Nick Hornby and the book is from 1995. The main character is Rob: a mid thirties bloke that owns a small record store and used to be a DJ and loved it. He thinks you should own at least 1000 records to prove that you appreciate and know music. He hates […]

  • Skin Tight

    Last night I finished reading the book Skin Tight from Carl Hiassen. I must say that I really enjoyed the book and I have to blame it for a few nights I went to bed later than I should had. The main character is a retired detective Mick Stranahan and someone wants to kill him […]