SXSW 2007

SXSW festival is back. We’ve been going to the SXSW concerts for the past few years. Molotov, Plastilina Mosh, Andrea Echeverri, Control Machete, Jumbo, are just a few of the many bands that I’ve got to see.

This year I went to see the wednesday show at Opal Divines with a good performance by La Gusana Ciega. But the band I was really looking forward this year was Los Abandoned.

I saw this band for the first time when they performed with Molotov at Stubbs back in 2005 and I really liked them. Since then I’ve been following them and I’ve been wanting to buy their album.

Los Abandoned performed last night at Bar Rio and they put a great show. I took some pictures and even recorded a small video and some live audio that I’ll share later.

After the show the band members hanged with the crowd. I approached Lady P and had a short conversation with her and took a couple of pictures with her. She was really cool. I also asked Vira Lata (bass player) if they brought some albums for sale and he told me that they forgot but that I could get it from Waterloo Records. I know this album has been on iTunes Music Store for a while, but I want to have a physical copy of the CD.

After Los Abandoned, the Instituto Mexicano De Sonido performed with Alejandro Rosso from Plastilina Mosh. They put a great show with lots of energy. Pretty cool!

Tonight there are several options of bands to see like The Presidents of the USA, Bowling for Soup or Balkan Beat Box.

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