El que no brinque, el que no salte es: Puto!

After Carlos Vives‘ concert on friday and playing soccer at noon on sunday I was exhausted. But you think that will stop me from going to Molotov‘s concert at Stubb’s?

No way José!

I went to the concert with my sister, Alejandro, Raffaele, Gustavo and his buddies from Guadalajara.

As always (this is my 3rd Molotov’s concert) they put a lot of humor and energy at the concert and I enjoyed every bit of it. I’ll post some pictures later today.

The coolest things they did, was playing the song ‘Eye of the tiger’ from Survivor with the lyrics of Gimme tha Power…

As a side note, the chilean/LA band Los Abandoned opened the concert for Molotov. I’ve never heard them before but I liked their music which sounds similar to Elastica. The lead singer is a very sexy girl with lots of energy and good vibe.

Pictures posted here


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