Summer Vacations ’06

This past weekend I went to Monterrey, Mexico with Marcos and Eva. We stayed for 4 days and we did lots of cultural activities including seeing a live concert of Gustavo Cerati, a performance by the argentinian group De La Guarda, visiting the Marco museum which had an exhibit of Ricardo Legorreta and the Museum of Mexican History, and going to the top of the ‘Obispado‘ where a huge mexican flag hangs.

Cerati’s concert was amazing. He played the entire new album (Ahí Vamos), some other songs from previous records and four songs from his former group Soda Stereo. Marcos posted the list of songs in his blog.

The performance by De La Guarda was a really pleasant surprise. I wasn’t really exited about going to the show, but I must say that I enjoyed it a lot. The show is like a mix of a theater play with a rave with a circus with a concert with the extra ingredient that the audience gets fully involved in the show. I don’t want to say much about the show because I think you should see it if you ever have a chance and I don’t want to spoil it for you giving lots of details.

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I also enjoyed a lot Legorreta’s exhibit at the Marco museum. He is a fantastic architect and if I ever become a millionaire, I would like him to build me a house… but most likely I’m going to have to settle hiring my sister. 😉

Moi Kirsch took a wonderful 360 picture of Monterrey from the obispado.

I have to thank Marco’s family Aaron, Thelma and Moises for their awesome hospitality.

And I have to thank David (from the restaurant ‘Café Oasis’ located around Km 160 in the road Nuevo Laredo – Monterrey), Fernando (from the Hotel El Rancho located around Km 90) and Amador Garza (Director de Seguridad Pública Municipal of Vallecillo, Nuevo León).
They helped me recovering my immigration documents which I forgot at the Oasis Cafe when we made a quick stop there.


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  1. Ajá, con que resignarse, no? Cuando yo sea más famosa que Legorreta mis tarifas serán tan altas que ni podrás contratarme!!! 😛