Juanes at the Austin City Limits

When I went to the ACL live taping of Cafe Tacvba, I thought: “This is amazing and it is probably not going to happen again anymore”… well I just got back from seeing the ACL live tapping of Juanes. He is performing live tonight at the Bass Concert Hall and I didn’t got tickets to see him, but instead I got a ticket to see him at ACL. Thanks to Daniela, Miriam and Karen who stayed in line for hours to get the free tickets!

I was wearing my Colombian National Soccer Team jersey, my “Aguadas” hat (the one I bought from El Putas) and I brought the Colombian flag I hang in my living room at home.

I gave the flag to the girls for the concert and Miriam actually got up in the stage, covered Juanes with the flag, hugged and kissed him!

Some other girls had very bad timing and tried to hug Juanes in the middle of a song, and he had to stop and repeat a couple of songs because of this.

Anyway, it was a very cool concert. Thanks ACL!

Update – 02/18/06 0:37
I just got back from Juanes concert in the Bass Concert Hall. I got a last minute ticket for free so I was able to go to the concert. I enjoyed more the ACL concert, but this one was very good as well. The place was packed with girls which never stopped screaming in a very high pitch…

The best song he played was “Fijate Bien” from an album that has the same name and that was released in 2000. The interesting thing is that no one singed that song, so it was kind of a private moment between him and the people who knows him from the very beggining.


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