Memorial Weekend at Monterrey

Alejandro, Nora, Ron, Julia and me, went to Monterrey (Mexico) this Memorial Weekend and we had lots of fun. The drive is long but is worth it.

We got to Mty around midnight on friday, so we just had a few beers in Santiago and Ioanis’ house and went to bed.

On saturday we had some street tacos and then we went to ‘Cola de Caballo’ (Horsetail) a very nice waterfall located outside Mty. Then we had some michelada’s (like a bloody mary with beer instead of vodka) and then we went to ‘Las Palomas’ to have lunch. The food there was amazing and we had a great time.

Then it was time to enjoy Mty’s night life. We went to a club called Bar Rio and we stayed there until 5am. We were a big group and the place was packed. Lot’s of beautiful girls, alcohol and dancing… very nice!

On sunday we woke up around 2pm and went to have tacos at ‘El papalote’ (the kite). Nora was crazy about going to this store called ‘Mango’ since she used to go there when she lived in Spain, so we went to a shopping mall and left Nora and Julia there, while we went to a Santiago’s friend house to watch the finals of the mexican soccer league. After the game we picked up the girls and drive around Mty. Alejandro showed us the ITESM campus and over there we made a new friend: a crazy duck kept following us all over… it was really funny.

The last thing we did that day was having dinner at Sanborns.

On monday morning we bought some bottles of liquor and we head back to Austin.

It was a really good weekend, I had lots of fun, and I’m very thankful with Santiago and Ioanis who let us stay in their place and made sure we had a great time over there.

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