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con la frente marchita,
las nieves del tiempo
platearon mi sien.

Sentir, que es un soplo la vida,
que veinte años no es nada,
que febril la mirada…

Ok, lets not be drama queens: coming back to Medellín after less than one an a half years is not as dramatic as Carlos Gardel´s tango “Volver”. But I felt like singing and as a free piece of knowledge for today, let me tell you that Gardel died in Medellín when his plane crashed back in 1935.

This trip to Medellín has been great: I’ve been able to see family and friends. I had visited towns around the city that I hadnt visited since I moved to Austin. I got to be at Paola’s wedding at Fizebad and met her family and friends. And I got to show my hometown to my non-colombian friends which I believe left this country with a great impression.

As always pictures are worth a thousand words.

Check also Vanessa’s pictures and Paola’s pictures (ceremony and party).

No better way to end this post with a very paisa style phrase: Medellín es una chimba parce!

SXSW 2007

SXSW festival is back. We’ve been going to the SXSW concerts for the past few years. Molotov, Plastilina Mosh, Andrea Echeverri, Control Machete, Jumbo, are just a few of the many bands that I’ve got to see.

This year I went to see the wednesday show at Opal Divines with a good performance by La Gusana Ciega. But the band I was really looking forward this year was Los Abandoned.

I saw this band for the first time when they performed with Molotov at Stubbs back in 2005 and I really liked them. Since then I’ve been following them and I’ve been wanting to buy their album.

Los Abandoned performed last night at Bar Rio and they put a great show. I took some pictures and even recorded a small video and some live audio that I’ll share later.

After the show the band members hanged with the crowd. I approached Lady P and had a short conversation with her and took a couple of pictures with her. She was really cool. I also asked Vira Lata (bass player) if they brought some albums for sale and he told me that they forgot but that I could get it from Waterloo Records. I know this album has been on iTunes Music Store for a while, but I want to have a physical copy of the CD.

After Los Abandoned, the Instituto Mexicano De Sonido performed with Alejandro Rosso from Plastilina Mosh. They put a great show with lots of energy. Pretty cool!

Tonight there are several options of bands to see like The Presidents of the USA, Bowling for Soup or Balkan Beat Box.

Christmas in Albany

My trip to Albany was very fun. It was nice to see my sister and to meet all her friends. We spent the 24th at Fernando’s house eating Ajiaco, drinking Aguardiente and dancing vallenatos, salsas and porros which made the night very colombian-style.

I forgot to bring my camera but my sister took some pictures.

Adventures in Spain

I started posting a few comments from Spain during my trip, but then it became more difficult to find internet access. Now I’m back in Austin after a very loooong flight back home and I’m very pleased to say that my trip was fantastic. I think Spain is a beautiful country with very nice people, food, weather and things to do. I would love to come back again and see other places that I missed this time (San Sebastian, Bilbao, Sevilla, Córdoba, …).

Here is a summary of my trip:

November 16
Austin – Newark – Madrid – Barcelona

November 17Photos
Arrival to Barcelona
Caro’s Ajiaco for lunch!
Go to gallery / bar with Caro, Nati and Marco
Ultramarino Bar with Alejandra

November 18
Sagrada Familia
Paseo del Modernismo
Paseo de Gracia
Downtown Barcelona
Barrio Gótico
El Raval
Champañeria (1 bottle of champagne with cheese and ham for 7€!)
Latin Party

November 19Photos
Flight to Madrid
Mad Hostel
Meet with Idoia

November 20Photos
Bus to Toledo with Idoia
Back to Madrid
Chocolate with churros

November 21
Jardin Botánico
Museo del Prado (La Maja Desnuda – Goya & Las Meninas – Velásquez)
Su Majestad la Reina Doña Sofía
Puerta de Alcalá
Plaza de las Cibeles
Palacio Real
Catedral (Almudena)
Noche de Flamenco en Casa Patas con Idoia, Monica y Vanesa

November 22
Museo Reina Sofía
Parque el Retiro
Plaza de las Ventas
Lunch at Casa Alberto
Estadio Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid) – Photos

November 23Photos
Flight to Granada
Meet with Caro
Cathedral of Granada (graves of both Queen Isabel and King Fernando)
Walk around Granada

November 24
Walk around Granada

November 25
The AlhambraPhotos
Barcelona F.C 4 – 0 VillarrealPhotos

FC Barcelona: Valdés; Zambrotta, Puyol, Thuram, Gio; Edmilson (Oleguer, m. 77), Deco, Iniesta, Giuly (Xavi, m. 67); Ronaldinho y Gudjohnsen (Ezquerro, m. 72).

Villarreal CF: Barbosa; Javi Venta, Fuentes, Cygan, Arruabarrena; Marcos Senna (Somoza, m. 88), Josico (Tacchinardi, m.45), Cani, Marcos García; José Mari (Guille Franco, m. 45) y Forlán.

1-0, m. 34: Ronaldinho (PK)
2-0, m. 54: Gudjohnsen
3-0, m. 69: Iniesta
4-0, m. 87: Ronaldinho

November 26Photos

November 27Photos
Parc Güell
Casa Batlló

November 28Photos
Teatro Museo Dalí

November 29
Museo Picasso y Sabartés
Fundación Joan Miró

Lake Travis non stop

In almost five years in Austin I never rented a boat on Lake Travis, but this summer I made an effort to catch up and yesterday was my 5th time going to the lake!

It was Olimpia’s goodbye party because she is going back to Poland on tuesday, but I’m sure she’ll come back to Austin soon, and we’ll have another excuse for a welcome party!

Take a look at the pictures

Austin, Texas 1973-2006

33 years ago my parents came to Austin for three months because my dad needed to take an english course before going to the University of Michigan to obtain his Masters. Back then photography was one of his hobbies and I remember growing up watching several times the slides of the pictures he took in those two years they spent in the United States.

Back in 2001 when I knew I was going to move to Austin, I remember looking back at the pictures from Austin, but since I’ve never been here before, the pictures were not that interesting.

A few months ago, while having a conversation with my friend Justin who also loves photography, I mentioned the pictures my dad took in Austin 33 years ago and Justin told me that he would like to see the pictures. So a few weeks later when my mom asked me if I wanted someting special for my birthday I told her that if she could scan and send me the pictures that would be a great present.

She then scanned the slides and sent me around 100 pictures from Austin. I was a bit dissapointed because most of the pictures were from the important buildings in Austin like the State Capitol, the University of Texas campus, the Saint Edwards campus, and those buildings haven’t changed much in 33 years. But I did found find 3 pictures that showed parts of the city that I recognized and that have changed a lot.

One saturday I uploaded the three pictures to my camera and headed downtown where the pictures were taken. My goal was to find the same spots where my dad took those pictures 33 years ago and take the same pictures.

The first location was Congress Avenue and 10th St. facing south. It wasn’t very difficult to find the exact location, but I was having trouble to take the picture from the same spot. It seemed that my dad took the picture standing in the middle of Congress Ave. so I had to wait for the pedestrian light to be green to take it. I took several pictures to then choose the best one.

The second location seemed to be Guadalupe St. and MLK (18th St.) but I couldn’t find the same buildings and I gave up on that one.

The third picture was also from Guadalupe and 24th St. facing north. It seemed that my dad had better zooming in his camera because the pictures I took look more distant. I also had to use the pedestrian green light to take the pictures from the middle of Guadalupe.

Enough talking: here are the results of my little experiment.

Photograph: Congress Ave. and 10th St.

Video: Congress Ave. and 10th St.

Photograph: Guadalupe St. and 24th St.

Please leave your comments about the pictures. Do you think they would make a cool poster?