con la frente marchita,
las nieves del tiempo
platearon mi sien.

Sentir, que es un soplo la vida,
que veinte años no es nada,
que febril la mirada…

Ok, lets not be drama queens: coming back to Medellín after less than one an a half years is not as dramatic as Carlos Gardel´s tango “Volver”. But I felt like singing and as a free piece of knowledge for today, let me tell you that Gardel died in Medellín when his plane crashed back in 1935.

This trip to Medellín has been great: I’ve been able to see family and friends. I had visited towns around the city that I hadnt visited since I moved to Austin. I got to be at Paola’s wedding at Fizebad and met her family and friends. And I got to show my hometown to my non-colombian friends which I believe left this country with a great impression.

As always pictures are worth a thousand words.

Check also Vanessa’s pictures and Paola’s pictures (ceremony and party).

No better way to end this post with a very paisa style phrase: Medellín es una chimba parce!

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