Playing along with NIN!

This weekend I borrowed my friend’s (Gustavo) mixer and mic and setup a mini recording studio in my bedroom where I keep my drumset. Then I recorded myself playing drums in the Nine Inch Nails song ‘The hand that feeds’, using the GarageBand file I downloaded a few months ago.

I only spent a few hours doing this. Keep in mind that I am a begginer drummer. But at the end I’m happy with the result. Here are the files I created:

1. Replaced voice and drums. (I sing horrible, but the drums are nice)
2. Replaced drums, added Mice effect to Trent’s voice, added Helium effect to my voice. (Funny!)
3. Only the drums, so you can really hear what I did. (Drums begin after 18 seconds)

Chichipanguanorrea ranks again #1 in Google for ‘daniel jaramillo’!

Daniel Jaramillo #1 in Google ranking!

Almost a year ago I posted in this blog that if you search my name on Google, Chichipanguanorrea was the first hit.

Back then I was using HostRave as my host provider and SimplePHPBlog. I also mentioned that I wanted to add a counter to my website to monitor traffic. I installed BBClone and it works great. So far Chichipanguanorrea 3.0 has been visited by 5638 unique visitors.

Then I switched to a different host (DreamHost) and blog freamework (WordPress). When I did this, my website fell down from the top position of the Google ranking. The first hit (ranked 16th or something worse) was not even from my own site, but instead it was from Marcos’ blog.

I read once that one of the criterias for Google to rank a website, is by looking at how recent is the domain. If a domain is younger than 1 year, the site will have less weight. That kind of makes sense, because you should trust older websites more than new ones. But in my case, it wasn’t really a new website. It was an old website being moved to a new domain.

By the way, I just found this article that I could have used in the past: Switching to a New Domain Without Losing Your Google Rankings

Anyway, I was sad to see that I was no longer the coolest Daniel Jaramillo on the web! It really hurted my ego! ūüôā

But no worries people! Google has now put me back on #1!

Re-election aproved in Colombia

Yesterday the Colombian Constitutional Court has approved the immediate presidential the re-election, which implies that present president Alvaro Uribe Vélez, can be a candidate for the presidential elections of the 2006.

This produces me joy and preoccupation at the same time.

The good thing is that the present president has great acceptance rating in the country. During his mandate he has maintained popularity index around 60-70% being the highest for a Colombian president in many years. He has highest index at the moment in Latin America where there are cases like president Toledo in Peru with a 6%. So I think it is good that a popular president stays in the government. Another reason is that the policies of security of the present government, have managed to reduce the high indexes of criminality, insecurity, drug trafficking and violence that affected the country for many years. The electoral period in Colombia is only 4 years which is insufficient compared with the 40 years that the guerrillas have been around. Thus a period of 8 years can at least be more beneficial.

In general Colombia is better today than for 4 years. People’s confidence in the country is back. Foreign investors are looking back at Colombia. It is not common anymore to see Colombians leaving the country because of the violence. And if we can be better than today in 4 years, wonderful!

The goals for president Uribe, if he gets reelected, must be: total disarmament of armed groups (guerrilla and paramilitary) and eradication of the drug trafficking. If this happens, it is possible to think of electing a more humanist and philanthropic president for the next period. Somebody like Antanas Mokus.

But I also believe that approving re-election is a bad thing. I consider that Colombian democracy is not sufficiently mature to assume the challenges that a re-election implies. Reelect Uribe today is good. But what if Andrés Pastrana or Ernesto Samper has had a chance to be candidates for re-election in their time? What if a bad president has the political and economic machinery necessary to win a re-election? Does this sound familiar to you? (U.S.A.)

I also don’t like the example that Uribe is giving with the whole re-election process. Basically he demonstrated that any president can modify the constitution of the country for his own benefit.

It’s already too late and the re-election has been approved. If it had been up to me I would have done things differently. The president Uribe from the beginning of his mandate should have look for his successor. Somebody who keeps the same line of thought. Somebody with his character and determination. And make sure that Colombians understand that this person would continue the processes and projects initiated in his period. Basically Uribe needed to look for another Uribe different than himself. Worse case if he cannot find another Uribe he could have chosen a puppet as president with him being the puppeteer and publicly recognize it so that people supported his puppet knowing that the president was really him.

But there is nothing to do now. The damage to the constitution is already done so I hope that Uribe gets reelected; that way all this wasn’t done in vain.

Reelección aprobada en Colombia

El d√ɬ≠a de ayer, la Corte Constitucional Colombiana ha aprobado la reelecci√ɬ≥n presidencial inmediata, lo cual implica que el actual presidente √ɬĀlvaro Uribe V√ɬ©lez, puede postularse para las elecciones presidenciales del 2006.

Esta noticia me produce en parte alegría y en parte preocupación.

Lo bueno es que el presidente actual tiene gran aceptaci√ɬ≥n en el pa√ɬ≠s. Durante su mandato ha mantenido √ɬ≠ndices de popularidad al rededor del 60-70% siendo los m√ɬ°s altos para un presidente colombiano en muchos a√ɬĪos y siendo los m√ɬ°s altos actualmente en Latinoam√ɬ©rica donde hay casos como el presidente Toledo en Per√ɬļ con un 6%. As√ɬ≠ que es bueno que un presidente que es querido por su pueblo, siga en el mandato. Lo otro es que las pol√ɬ≠ticas de seguridad del gobierno actual, han logrado reducir los altos √ɬ≠ndices de criminalidad, inseguridad, narcotr√ɬ°fico y violencia que por muchos a√ɬĪos se han vivido en el pa√ɬ≠s. Sin embargo el per√ɬ≠odo electoral de 4 a√ɬĪos con el que cuentan los presidentes, es insuficiente comparado con los 40 a√ɬĪos que tienen las guerrillas en existencia. As√ɬ≠ al menos un per√ɬ≠odo de 8 a√ɬĪos puede ser m√ɬ°s provechoso.

En general, Colombia est√ɬ° mejor hoy, que hace 4 a√ɬĪos. De nuevo se respira confianza. De nuevo hay inter√ɬ©s en el pa√ɬ≠s por parte de los inversionistas extranjeros. Ya no es tan com√ɬļn ver Colombianos huyendo del pa√ɬ≠s por causa de la violencia. Y si dentro de 4 a√ɬĪos podemos estar mejor, ser√ɬ≠a maravilloso.

Las metas del presidente Uribe, si es reelegido, deben ser: desmovilización total de los grupos armados (guerrilla y paramilitares) y erradicación del narcotráfico. Si esto sucede, se puede pensar en elegir un presidente más humanista y filántropo para un próximo periodo. Alguien del corte de Antanas Mokus.

Pero tambi√ɬ©n creo que es malo que la reelecci√ɬ≥n haya sido aprobada. Considero que la democracia Colombiana no est√ɬ° lo suficientemente madura para asumir los retos que implica una reelecci√ɬ≥n. Reelegir a Uribe hoy es bueno. √ā¬ŅPero que tal que Andr√ɬ©s Pastrana o Ernesto Samper hubieran podido postularse para la reelecci√ɬ≥n en su tiempo? √ā¬ŅQu√ɬ© tal que un presidente malo llegue al poder, y tenga la maquinaria pol√ɬ≠tica y econ√ɬ≥mica necesarias para ganar una reelecci√ɬ≥n? √ā¬ŅLes suena familiar (EEUU)?

Adicionalmente, no me gusta el ejemplo que está dando Uribe con la reelección. Básicamente esta demostrando que cualquier presidente puede modificar la constitución del país en pro de su beneficio.

Ya es demasiado tarde y la reelecci√ɬ≥n ha sido aprobada. Sin embargo yo hubiera hecho las cosas diferentes. El presidente Uribe desde el comienzo de su mandato debi√ɬ≥ buscar su sucesor. Alguien que conserve su misma l√ɬ≠nea de pensamiento. Alguien con su mismo car√ɬ°cter y determinaci√ɬ≥n. Y hacerle entender al pueblo colombiano, que esta persona seguir√ɬ≠a los mismos procesos y proyectos iniciados en su per√ɬ≠odo. B√ɬ°sicamente Uribe debi√ɬ≥ buscar otro Uribe, que no fuera √ɬ©l mismo. Y dado el caso de que no existiera otro Uribe en el pa√ɬ≠s, podr√ɬ≠a haber elegido un t√ɬ≠tere, para √ɬ©l seguir siendo el titiritero tras bambalinas. Y reconocerlo p√ɬļblicamente para que la gente le diera su apoyo al t√ɬ≠tere.

En √ɬļltimas ya no hay nada que hacer. El da√ɬĪo a la constituci√ɬ≥n ya est√ɬ° hecho, as√ɬ≠ que solo queda esperar a que Uribe s√ɬ≠ sea reelegido, para que todo esto no haya sido en vano.

NIN fuckin’ rocks!

Nine Inch Nails at San Antonio Poster
I was very dissapointed that I missed Nine Inch Nails’ concert at Austin a couple of months ago. I heard about the concert too late and no tickets were available. So when I heard that they were coming to San Antonio (SBC Center), I got all excited about it.

I asked my friends and only Gustavo was interested in the concert. We decided to not buy the tickets on TicketMaster, but instead try to find them on eBay. Probably somebody won’t be able to go to the concert and he would have to sell his tickets.

We waited until the last minute and it payed off! We got tickets in a good location for a price below TicketMaster.

About the concert

It was so fucking good! Probably one of the best concerts I’ve ever been. Trent and the whole band were super-charged with energy! They played many songs from their latests album With Teeth and that was a bummer since I only started listening to the album last friday, so I was not very familiar with the songs and lyrics. I’ve heard The hand that feeds before when they released the single in GarageBand format and I’ve heard Only in the radio.

They also played songs from previous albums:
– Terrible Lie
– March of pigs
– Closer
– Hurt
– Wish
– The Frail
– The Wretched
– Suck

They closed with Head like a hole and when the song was over they trowed and destroyed the instruments!


There was a sign outside the venue saying that cameras were not allowed so I went back the leave mine in the car. I could probably had sneaked it in, but I didn’t tried. So I don’t have pictures from the concert. I just found some on flickr that someone took with a cellphone so don’t expect good quality.

Queens of the Stone Age

NIN had two bands opening the concert. One of them was Queens of the Stone Age. I knew this band and I knew they were good, and they did not dissapointed me. The drummer was awesome. I think I want to practice a few of their songs in my drum set. Unfortunaly their sound wasn’t very well set up. Lots off echoes and you could bearly hear the lead singer voice. But they put a great show.

World Cup: the dream is over

Colombia eliminada del mundial

For the second time in a row, Colombia has failed to qualify to the World Cup. In the last round Colombia beat Paraguay 1-0, but Uruguay won their game against Argentina 1-0 as well.

At the end Uruguay made 25 points and Colombia 24.

It is very sad that a very talented generation of Colombian soccer players will never go to a World Cup, because in 4 years they are going to be too old for it. They are Mario Alberto Yepes, Ivan Ramiro Córdoba, Juan Pablo Angel and Miguel Calero.

Luis Amaranto Perea is the only one that is still young enough, and has lots of talent to remain in the team.

The rest are mediocre players with lack of talent and gutts.

For the future I would suggest:

1. Hire a foreign coach.

Every time a Colombian coach is elected, someone is unhappy. They start talking about how a coach likes players from some regions better than others. Colombian coaches tend to use players that use to play for teams they coach in the past. I think it is logical that you use players that you know well enough, but coaches that do this fail to use other players that they might not know that well, but that maybe are in better shape. A foreign coach won’t know players that well, won’t prefer players from a particular region, won’t feel bad about not using a player that used to be very talented but that is going through a bad period. A foreign coach will make colder decisions, thinking with his head and not his heart.

2. Start with a base of young players

Colombia needs to start using a base of young players in every tournament they get chance to play. It doesn’t matter if Colombia sends an inexperienced team to the next Copa America (2007) and if they don’t do very well. The important thing is to build a good team for the next World Cup qualifiers. I would even consider keeping a couple of experienced players, as a role model for the young ones.

Colombia has done very well in recent tournaments for young players. We need to start using those players to build the national team.

3. Barranquilla is not “la casa de la selecci√ɬ≥n” anymore

Only 25.000 people went to see the game Colombia vs Chile. That is pathetic. The national team needs to play in cities where you can get 50.000 people supporting the team. I think only Bogot√ɬ°, Medell√ɬ≠n or Cali are up for the challenge. They said that Barranquilla’s hot weather is an advantage for us. I think it is only an advantage for players that are use to play in the heat. But 90% of the national team is not used to this weather, so what’s the point?

Why instead of playing under difficult conditions of weather (Barranquilla) or altitude (Bogotá), not play under pleasant conditions like in Medellín?

4. Learn from other teams

Ecuador is going to its second World Cup in a row. They have talented players but I still think that Colombian players are better. However Ecuatorian players truly “sweat their jersey”. They put their hearts and souls in the soccer field. They play like warriors.

Just like Panama did in the last Gold Cup when they beat Colombia two times.

5. Desperate measures

Well, if none of the above work, we can always let Panama conquest back Colombia. That way we’ll make part of CONCACAF… although I’m not even sure if we could qualify playing there!

Or we could reunite “Gran Colombia” (Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia).

Just a little bit of humor in this sad day for Colombian soccer fans.

Any comments?

World Cup: second last chance!

Things didn’t improved for us much this saturday since Colombia and Chile tied 1-1 and Uruguay and Ecuador tied 0-0. These results leave Uruguay in 5th position with 22 points and Colombia and Chile with 21.

This wednesday is the last chance. The games are going to be:
Paraguay vs Colombia
Chile vs Ecuador
Uruguay vs Argentina

Colombia can still qualify if:

1. Colombia wins and Uruguay ties. It doesn’t matter if Chile also wins, unless they can improve their goal difference by 12 or more goals.
2. Colombia ties, Uruguay looses and Chile ties.

Things look very difficult, but I guess we can keep the hope alive.

We couldn’t beat Chile on saturday and that pretty much eliminated us from the World Cup…

See you in South Africa in 2010!

World Cup: last chance!

Eliminatorias Sudamericanas

This weekend the south american qualifiers for the World Cup Germany 2006 are going to be pretty much defined. Argentina (31 points) and Brasil (30) are already qualified. Ecuador (26) and Paraguay (25) are almost there.

And then the real battle is between Uruguay (21 points, -6 goal difference), Colombia (20 p, +7 gd) and Chile (20p, -4 gd).

The good thing is that Colombia is playing Chile this saturday in Barranquilla at 4:00 pm. The last 2 games that Colombia has played locally have been awesome (3-0 Ecuador and 5-0 Peru). Both teams are direct rivals and if there is a loosing team in this match, it can say ‘bye’ to the World Cup. A tie will be terrible for both teams. The chileans have been training all this week in Barranquilla and they have been complaining a lot about the heat (around 35oC).

At the same time Ecuador and Uruguay will be playing in Quito. Ecuador will be motivated to win and ensure its qualification. Besides they are the local team and the coach is the colombian Luis Fernando Suarez, so I believe that Ecuador will play hard to win the game. But Uruguay is also motivated to win and they will play very hard too. This game is going to be very exciting as well.

And then on Wednesday, the last matches for the qualifiers will be played.

The games that matter will be:

Paraguay vs Colombia
Chile vs Ecuador
Uruguay vs Argentina

I’m sure that Ecuador and Paraguay will be already qualified for the last game (and of course Argentina) so I’m assuming that none of those three teams will be playing very hard. This situation has me very worried: four years ago, the calendar for the qualifiers was exactly like this one. And the team’s situation was almost the same: Argentina, Brasil, Ecuador and Paraguay already qualified with Uruguay and Colombia fighting for the 5th position to play against Australia.

To qualify Colombia had to beat Paraguay 5-0 and hope for Uruguay to loose. Everyone thought impossible for Colombia to achieve that result but people agreed that Argentina could easily beat Uruguay since they had a very strong team. Magically Colombia did managed to beat Paraguay 4-0. I do believe that the result sounds very weird. I didn’t watched this game, so I cannot give you my opinion. But I never heard anyone implying that Colombia bought that game, or that Paraguay let us win. Conmebol even had european referees for these two matches to ensure fair play. The ugly part is that the Argentineans found out about the score in Paraguay and decided that they liked their ‘brothers’ from ‘El Rio de la Plata’ better than the Colombians, and they didn’t played hard against the Uruguayans. At the end that game finished 1-1 and Uruguay got to play Australia. Also this game was delayed about 10 minutes, so it gave a small advantage to the Uruguayans. The Argentineans during press releases admitted that they didn’t played hard against Uruguay to let them qualify…

I definitely don’t want to go through this situation again. I hope that Colombia beats Chile and Ecuador beats Uruguay and then in the last game, everyone should tie to keep things fair.

Adios a la sudamericana…

Un primer tiempo donde Nacional jug√ɬ≥ bien y ganaba 1-0 con gol del brasile√ɬĪo Ramos. Un segundo tiempo donde el Am√ɬ©rica hizo buenos cambios y fue brillante marcando 4 goles. Una estupenda noche para el brasile√ɬĪo Clever que marc√ɬ≥ 3 goles, tuvo dos tiros en el palo y un mano a mano con Saldarriaga.

Al final un marcador 4-1 para un global 7-4 a favor del América.

No resultaron los cambios del Sachi al hacer al equipo más ofensivo. La otra opción hubiera sido echar el equipo atrás y meter jugadores de marca como el Chicho. Pero con la noche que tuvieron los delanteros del América, tal vez no hubiera hecho diferencia.

Al final ganó el América meritoriamente y los felicito por la victoria.

Duelen mucho los juegos por copa sudamericana que ha perdido Nacional en el Atanasio: la final con San Lorenzo, la semi final con Cienciano y ahora con Am√ɬ©rica. Pero as√ɬ≠ es el f√ɬļtbol, y as√ɬ≠ es la vida…

Estoy muy triste por la derrota, pero ya no hay tiempo de llorar, como decía un profesor mio del colegio.

Queda el torneo local donde podemos ser bi-campeones y queda la participación en copa libertadores 2006.

Nacional, te quiero y te sigo donde est√ɬ©s. Primeros o √ɬļltimos, para mi eres grande.