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  • Austin City Limits 2008

    Another Austin City Limits music festival has passed successfully through Austin. The festival just keeps getting better every year and I really enjoy going to it. My favorite bands this year where: Manu Chao I saw Manu Chao last year in Austin and I enjoyed watching him perform again. It was the only artist I […]

  • Medellín 2008: Corralejas

    Picture by Luis Pérez A corraleja is a typical celebration from the Colombian coast regions where people gather in a place similar to a bullfight ring and fight several bulls. The difference with a bullfight is that there is no matador in corralejas, but anyone can jump in and fight the bull. And the bull […]

  • Medellín 2008: The trip

    View Larger Map It all started on July 30th at 3:30am when I get this phone call: Me: “He…mfff…llo…bmgrrr?” Cab driver: “Hello are you Mr. Jaramillo? I´m the cab driver and I´m waiting for you outside your house” Me: “Dude! I asked for a cab for July 31st! You came 24 hours too soon!” Cab […]

  • Una trova a mis treintas

    Una trova a mis treintas.

  • nine inch nails is the best band ever

    Trent Reznor rocks! I said once. NIN fuckin’ rocks! I said later. I even was crazy enough to play along with them. But now I have to say: nine inch nails is the best band in the world. I’m really sorry Pink Floyd, U2 or Soda Stereo. “thank you for your continued and loyal support […]

  • Learning to pic

    Still learning how to take good pictures. Check my latest pictures on flickr and leave some comments if you love/hate what you see. Learning to fly is one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs.

  • Molotov: YoFo NoFo ZaFa FoFo

    I have seen better Molotov concerts in Austin, but none the less this one at ‘La Zona Rosa’ was really good too. They played many songs from the first album specially the ones with XXX lyrics. They also did some jamming and played snippets from a few covers like Eye of the tiger (survivor), Smells […]

  • Despite all my rage I’m still just an AENIMA

    Smashing Pumpkins // Tool Zeitgeist // 10,000 Days November 13th 2007 // November 14th 2007 The Backyard // Frank Erwin Center Billy Corgan in the spotlight // Maynard James Keenan in the shade more // no more

  • Monterrey 2007

    I spent most of last week in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. The purpose of the trip was mainly to see the concert Me verás volver of Soda Stereo, one of my favorite bands ever. The concert was AMAZING! Check Marcos‘ blog for the chronicle and take a look at the official concert photos here and […]

  • Miss Venezuela visits Austin

    Uploaded with Skitch! Not exactly… instead Los Amigos Invisibles came to Austin for a concert at Antone’s. Earlier that day I went with Cetrulo to the Mexican consulate in downtown to obtain a permit to cross the border and go to Monterrey to the long time awaited concert Me Verás Volver 2007 and that is […]