Monterrey 2007

I spent most of last week in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. The purpose of the trip was mainly to see the concert Me verás volver of Soda Stereo, one of my favorite bands ever. The concert was AMAZING! Check Marcos‘ blog for the chronicle and take a look at the official concert photos here and here.

Besides seeing Soda Stereo, we also went to the Fórum Universal de las Culturas 2007 at Parque Fundidora and saw the exhibition Isis y la serpiente emplumada (Isis and the Feathered Serpent), walked around the Macroplaza, went to the MUNE museum to see the Buddha: Guanyin exhibition, to the History of Mexico museum (my 3rd time there!), to the Marco museum to see the first Julio Galán exhibition after his death and to the Tecnológico stadium to watch the soccer game América vs Monterrey.

It was a great trip and you can see it by yourself.

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