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  • Tres docenas y una pintura de zurda

    Fue un 28 de Junio de 2014 cuando el reloj marcaba las 5:28 de la tarde, que el tiempo aminoró su eterna prisa y James Rodriguez detuvo el balón con el pecho de espaldas al arco que defiende el guardameta Uruguayo Muslera y sin permitir que el balón se despegue ni medio metro de su […]

  • Brasil 2014: The adventure begins!

    Thursday, June 12 – Austin & Berlin Daniel & Juan David flight from Austin and Berlin respectively! BRA – CRO 17:00 (SP) Friday, June 13 – SP & BH Host: Ambassy Hotel Daniel & JD flight to Belo Horizonte! MEX – CAM 13:00 (Natal) SPA – NET 16:00 (Salvador) CHI – AUS 18:00 (Cuaiba) Saturday, […]

  • Life in Austin: Update (not worth reading)

    There is a time in every blogger’s life when you simply don’t have much interesting material to post about, so you decide to create a post about the last few things that have been going on. Unfortunately this is not the first time I do this, so feel free to drop some hate comments and […]

  • Happy Holidays 2007

    Designed by JD Chichipanguanorrea 3.0 staff wishes you love and joy during these holidays and an amazing new year 2008. This time we are very sorry we could not hire neither Ugly Santa nor Ugly Elf, but we put together this beautiful christmas tree to keep the holiday spirit alive and we hope you enjoy […]

  • Atlético Nacional Campeón 2007

    1954, 1973, 1976, 1981, 1991, 1994, 1999, 2005 y 2007! Nueve estrellas, nueve glorias! SOY DEL VERDE, SOY FELIZ!

  • FIFA is peeing 2500 meters outside the toilet

    Joseph S. Blatter strikes again. AP Photo/Diether Endlicher “Está meando fuera del tiesto”, is an expression in Spanish that means that someone is doing something stupid (like peeing outside the toilet!), and that is exactly what the world’s most important soccer organization is doing by issuing a new regulation that states that no international soccer […]

  • Adventures in Spain

    I started posting a few comments from Spain during my trip, but then it became more difficult to find internet access. Now I’m back in Austin after a very loooong flight back home and I’m very pleased to say that my trip was fantastic. I think Spain is a beautiful country with very nice people, […]

  • World Cup 2006 – Jogo Feio

    Another World Cup is over and that only means that we have four boring years ahead! Today the Italians won their 4th World Cup 24 years after they won their last one back in 1982. I must say that the Italian team was very compact and well organized in defense. They played very good as […]

  • World Cup 2006 – CONCACAF VS CONMEBOL

    Here are the final numbers comparing both confederations: CONCACAF: P:13 W:1 D:3 L:9 Pts:6 (0.48 points per game) CONMEBOL: P:16 W:10 D:1 L:5 Pts:31 (1.94 ppg)

  • World Cup 2006 – Before semi finals

    The World Cup 2006 is almost over with only four games left. It’s going to be an all-european teams semi final which proves again that European countries are very strong when they host the World Cup. Only Brazil has been able to win a WC in Europe when they did back in Sweden 1958. The […]