FIFA is peeing 2500 meters outside the toilet

Blatter is an idiot
Joseph S. Blatter strikes again. AP Photo/Diether Endlicher

“Está meando fuera del tiesto”, is an expression in Spanish that means that someone is doing something stupid (like peeing outside the toilet!), and that is exactly what the world’s most important soccer organization is doing by issuing a new regulation that states that no international soccer match can be played over 2500 meters above sea level. This is huge because three country capitals of the adean region in southamerica have an altitude over 2500: La Paz (Bolivia), Quito (Ecuador) and Bogota (Colombia) so the rule means that these three cities will never host an international soccer match. The whole thing started because a brasilean team (Flamengo) had to play against a Bolivian team at an altitude of almost 4000 meters. I agree that 4000 is too high, and FIFA could do something about that. Maybe the maximum altitude should be 3500 meters. But 2500 seems ridiculous.

In 2003 a soccer player from Cameroon died in the soccer field because of the high temperature. That game was hosted in France! Shouldn’t FIFA also ban international soccer matches at extreme temperatures?

The FIFA argues that they performed a medical analysis to support their decision. If that medical report is true, then I suppose that no other sport should ever be played at that altitude, which means that no one should be allowed to parachute ever, or climb the Everest, or practice skiing at the Alps, or…

FIFA is retarded!