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  • Homebrew Sake

    I have been curious about homebrewing sake for several years and finally decided to try it after watching a youtube video that made the process seem much easier than I had read before. However even though the simplicity of the process in this video inspired me, I decided to do more research and ended up […]

  • Sancocho

    Con motivo de mis 34 primaveras y de mi nueva casa decidí organizar una fiesta y preparar un Sancocho. No es la primera vez que preparo uno, pero si fue la primera vez que hago uno tan grande. Hice una olla completa de 22Qt, otra de 18Qt y otra chica de unos 5Qt, para un […]

  • Es la hora, es la hora! La hora del vegetal

    Si eres uno de los cientos de lectores que ha comenzado ha seguirnos recientemente, es muy posible que pienses que lo único que hacemos aquí es tomar cerveza y mamar gallo. A pesar de que tomar cerveza y mamar gallo, son elementos fundamentales en este espacio, también hay cabida para otros temas de gran interés […]

  • All the turkeys in tha house, c’mon and let me hear you say Ho!

    Eating turkey and shopping during black Friday are the two most important things you must do during the Thanksgiving holidays. I’ve been keeping this secret for many years, but I think it is time to share with the world two important facts about me: * I’ve never cooked a turkey * I’ve never gone shopping […]

  • Loving the Paella

    Last Friday I was hanging with some friends enjoying a few beers at the Crown and Anchor pub when someone mentioned that the 6th Annual Paella Lovers United was going to be held on Saturday. I’ve never heard about this Paella event so my friend explained how it works: several teams compete by cooking Paellas […]

  • Medellín 2008: The food

    Wikimedia Commons – Description = Bandeja Paisa – Source = – Date = 12/16/06 – Author = Wikipedia Author F3rn4nd0 – Permission = Author released into public domain Every time I come to Medellín it is mandatory for me to eat as many typical dishes as possible and this time it hasn´t been the […]

  • Gazpacho

    Two days ago I made my first Gazpacho soup thanks to a recipe that my friend Sayuri gave me. It turned really good so I think I want to share the recipe with all the Chichipanguanorrea 3.0 visitors. Ingredients 3x Red tomatoes 1/6 Onion 1 Cucumber 2 Cloves of Garlic 1 Carrot 1 Red Bell […]