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  • In the summer time, when the weather is high

    …you can stretch right up and touch the sky! Don’t miss the pictures!

  • SXSW 2007

    SXSW festival is back. We’ve been going to the SXSW concerts for the past few years. Molotov, Plastilina Mosh, Andrea Echeverri, Control Machete, Jumbo, are just a few of the many bands that I’ve got to see. This year I went to see the wednesday show at Opal Divines with a good performance by La […]

  • The Shins at Bee Cave!

    The Shins concert at the Backyard was amazing. I only started listening to them a few weeks ago when I was invited to the concert but I must say that I’ve become a fan. You have to see their videos at their website, specially the Interview 2003 one, its really funny. What really made the […]

  • Requiem

    Last night I went with Lucia to see an amazing show called Requiem perfomed on an abandoned building that Intel was building a few years ago, but never finished it. The show is very beautiful and dramatic and it has great music and lights. I highly recommend seeing it. I think tonight is your last […]

  • 5 years living in Austin

    I moved to Austin 5 years ago (Nov. 3rd 2001) and started working for National Instruments on Nov 12th. Back then I had a short-term (5 years) and a long-term (20+ years) plan: the short-term plan was to get my masters at UT and to save a good amount of money to start my own […]

  • Halloween 2006

    The halloween weekend was very fun! On friday I converted into a mennonite, but on saturday I was seduced by the dark side and turned into a Devil. Check the pictures here, here and here.

  • Halloween is coming!

    Here are some pictures from last year’s halloween The devil seducing a hot angel – Picture by Familia Mota The devil seducing a hot Leslie Cochran – Picture by Familia Mota The devil seating comfortably in his living room

  • Lets get Kinky!

    Last night Kinky performed at Emo’s (on 6th St). They have a really good show and their electro-lounge-funk style makes you wanna dance all night. The best part is that before the concert the organizers announced that Jumbo was going to be playing on Nov 2nd and they told the crawd that whoever knew the […]

  • Lake Travis non stop

    In almost five years in Austin I never rented a boat on Lake Travis, but this summer I made an effort to catch up and yesterday was my 5th time going to the lake! It was Olimpia’s goodbye party because she is going back to Poland on tuesday, but I’m sure she’ll come back to […]

  • Austin, Texas 1973-2006

    33 years ago my parents came to Austin for three months because my dad needed to take an english course before going to the University of Michigan to obtain his Masters. Back then photography was one of his hobbies and I remember growing up watching several times the slides of the pictures he took in […]