Chichipanguanorrea is back!!!

After a few months of pain, trying to find a good/reliable/flexible/powerful/free webhost, I finally found HostRave which only requirement was for you to have an email address from an internet provider in the US. I use RoadRunner from TimeWarner but I never configured an email account with them. Finally I did, and sent my application to HostRave… and you can guess the rest of the story, since you are reading this!

HostRave supports SimplePHPBlog. Sadly I couldn't upload the old Chichipanguanorrea site, because it creates in the content folder, some subfolders which are very long and contain numbers and symbols, and the UI for managing the site don't allow you to create those. Once the page is created, it does allows you to do it, but not manually. So I lost all the nice comments people left the day of my birthday. Anyway, it doesn't really matters now, the important thing is that Chichinea es back, and is here to stay!

– Daniel