Road trip to New Mexico

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Last weekend Cristin and I went on a road trip to New Mexico and visited some of its sites. We wanted to see Santa Fe, but besides that nothing was planned. I took Friday off at work and we drove from Austin to Santa Rosa where we spent the night. Santa Rosa is very small, it’s pretty, but the ratio between inhabitants and hotel beds must be somewhere by 1 to 200. The next morning we drove (that is, Cristin drove and Daniel took pictures along the road) to Santa Fe and we spent all day walking around the city. Santa Fe is really beautiful and it is very famous for all the art you can find and buy over there. We had delicious lunch at ‘Cowgirl’ (recommended by Eva) and went to a couple of museums (Santa Fe Museum of Modern Art and Government Palace, which, despite its name, is a history museum). Next morning we had a yummy brunch at ‘Santa Fe Bakery Co.’

Then we drove to Alamogordo to see the White Sand National Park. We got there around 5pm and stayed in the park until 9pm. This park is amazing and highly recommended. The sand is really really white and it looks like it should taste of vanilla. Despite being a desert, it has a rich flora and fauna and when we did a ranger-guided tour we were amazed by some of the facts that we learned… like you stand on top of a seven-meter-dune with a spiny little flower on top, and you learn that it’s in fact a seven-meter-flower? Amazing.
We stayed that night in Alamogordo and the next morning drove all the way back to Austin.

Remember, it’s not a road trip unless you get stopped by the police at least once – sirens optional but yield extra points!

(post written by Daniel and Cristin sneaked into it and added some things that she thought should be there)

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  1. Mi amor: Qué paseo tan maravilloso y qué fotos tan increíbles. Además de los sitios bellísimos, tus fotos están buenísimas: composiciones hermosas, detalles lindísimos y unos coloridos, cielos, nubes, vegetación , construcciones todo muy bien aprovechado para unas hermosísimas fotos. Te diste gusto!!!!!!