Year 2013


Last 3rd of November was my 6th anniversary living in Austin. I moved here when I was 23 and although 6 years aren’t much time for many people, so many things had happen to me, good things I must say, that it seems a long time.

I came here with one bag full of clothes and my CD collection. Now I have a house full of furniture, electronics, kitchen-ware and lots of other things I probably don’t need. Its funny how you get used to and addicted to all these things. How could people survive before the Roomba was invented?

As a big coincidence, two years ago it was posted in this blog an article about my 4th anniversary in Austin. There was a long list of people I have met over here. I’m sure that list is much longer now.

The question now is: what is next? What are the next 6 years going to bring? Where am I going to be by year 2013?

I don’t have answers yet. Do I need an answer? Should I just keep enjoying my day-by-day the same way I have done it for the past 6 years? It seems to have worked out just fine.

I think I’ll think it over a beer!