Four years in Austin at National Instruments

On November 3rd of 2001 I moved to Austin, Texas to start a new stage of my life, to write a new chapter. The 23+ years I spent in Medellín since the day I was born were over. Actually it sounds more dramatic than what actually was: I was very excited with the challenge of working in Austin for National Instruments.

I won’t forget the night I arrived at Austin’s Bergstorm Airport where Diego Reyes, Claudia Lorente and JR Allen were waiting for me. They took me to eat at T.G. Fridays and I think I ordered a hamburguer. The day after was a Sunday and Diego took me to IBM’s campus where we played soccer. That day I met Alejandro del Castillo, Marcos Kirsch and other guys but I don’t remember that afternoon very well. Who would have though that 4 years later I was going to be part of the NI Eagles playing in Austin’s first division?

The day after (monday) I went with Diego, JR and Russell to see a U2 concert at the Frank Erwing center in Austin. It was one of the best concerts ever! (and the one I have payed more money for: $85!). Since that concert I have seen several other bands like Metallica, Chemical Brothers, Nine Inch Nails, Franz Ferndinand, Coldplay, Amigos Invisibles, Café Tacvba (4 times), Control Machete (2 times), Molotov (2 times), Andrea Echeverry, Panda, Jumbo, Plastilina Mosh (2 times), Ely Guerra, Jaguares, El Tri, Carlos Vives, …

Since I moved to Austin, I’ve done some nice trips inside the state of Texas (Big bend park, Houston, Dallas, Forth Worth, San Antonio), inside the USA (New Orleans, New York, Boston, Washington DC and Miami) and trips to México (Monterrey, Puebla, Los Cabos San Lucas and La Paz Baja California). Some of those trips have been weddings: Pilar (Miami), Jerónimo (La Paz) and Alejandro (Puebla).

The list of friends I have made in Austin is very long, but I’ll try to not forget anybody:

Aaron Kennedy
Abner Guzman
Adriana Coronado & Robert & Anabella
Alejandro (Chileno)
Alejandro Asenjo
Alejandro del Castillo
Alejandro Muleiro & Miriam
Alejandro Zepeda & Sayuri Yamanaca & Santiago
Alice Malisia
Alma Flores
Ana Yepes
Anabel Rodriguez
Anders Meister
André Oliveira
Andrés Marcos
Andrés Salvador
Anette Perez
Angel Ortega
Anna Nogar
Antonio Lie
Arturo Karakowsky & Debbie
Arturo Quezada
Betty Jacobs
Blazios Valenzuela
Byron Radle
Camilo Coronado
Carlos Guzman
Carlos León
Carlos Marchani
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Wollestein
Claudia Knez
Claudia Lorente
Daniel Domene
Daniel Elizalde
Daniel Klein
Daniel Robbins
Daniela Islas
David Levinson
Dawn Crowder
Dawn H.
Diego Correa
Diego Funes & Roxana
Diego Reyes
Don Filemón
Edgar Ceron & Diana
El Saya
Eugenio Bernal
Eva Noyola
Fabiola de la Cueva
Fernando Dominguez
Forrito & Pingorocho
Geoff H.
Gricha Raether
Gustavo Castro & Lucy
Gustavo Valdez
Helga y David
Hugo Andrade
Ingrid & Chantal
Integration Services guys
Jack & Yossi
Javier Olea
Jeremiah Cox
Jerónimo Mota & Daniela
Jorge Quintero
Jose Euclides Correa & Patricia de la Lanza & Diego
JR Allen
Juan Reyes & Sandra Ojeda
Julia Dinolfo & Ron Harrison
Julia Gallego
Juliana Vélez
Justin Britten & Julie
Karen Mustard
Leslie Cochran
Los Chicos Mairmaids
Luis Navarro
Manuel Lopez
Marcos Kirsch
Maricio Capistran
Maripaz García
Mike Hall
Miriam Fraga
Moises Kirsch
Nathan Finkelstein
Nestor Ceron & Lyla Amature
Nestor Sanchez
Nik Walch
NI Eagles guys
Nora Tucker
Paco Nieto
Paula Lorente
Paulina Salmón
Paulo Muleiro
People from ACA
Phil Hindman
Pilar Vélez & David
Rafael Castro
Raffaele Cetrulo
Rajesh Vaidja
Ricardo Vanegas
Sammy Pizzo
Sofia T
Sofía de la Lanza
Stephen Osella
Tom Makowski
Tomer Feingold
Vanessa León
Victor Gardado
Victor Lubosbaski
Victor Mieres

Actually this people don’t really know me, but I got the list from Marcos’ address book. 🙂

Ok, I want to write more stuff here but I’m on my way to downtown on saturday night, so I’ll finish this later!

Anyway, cheers for all the good things that Austin had brought and for an equally great future.


4 responses to “Four years in Austin at National Instruments”

  1. Daniel,
    Como pasa el tiempo, ya cuatro años por estas tierras. Yo ya complete un año por St Paul. Como usted bien dice todo en la vida esta lleno de etapas, lo importante es disfrutarlas y tener buenos recuerdos…
    Diego F.

  2. fantastic !! only one thing I should tell: this world had an absolutely low category where are the bigs of foot ball, maybe tatoo and drugs??
    it was a very cheap one of footballistic quality.