Welcome Ana Laura

Tonight is my birthday. I’m turning 29… I’m getting old but I don’t feel it… I still feel like I can do whatever I want. At the end, age is a mental thing and not so much a physical thing (err… sure). Anyway, Colombian soccer national team got beat REALLY bad tonight… I mean REEEEAAAAAALLLLY BAAAADD! We lost 5-0 against Paraguay in one of the worst soccer matches I have ever seen Colombia playing (except the time we lost 9-1 against Brasil… but I don’t want to go there)… anyway… all those things are now little details compared to the fact that Ana Laura, the daughther of Jose Euclides Correa (aka Pepe) and Claudia Patricia de la Lanza (aka Paty) was born tonight. Yes! She was born on my birthday and from now on, we will celebrate our birthdays toghether! how cool is that?

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