Non-Stop Traveling

As if going to Spain for two weeks wasn’t enough, my sister worked hard to convince me to visit her in Albany for the christmas weekend. I started by looking for tickets Austin-Albany and they were about $500 and I was not willing to pay that much. But then I looked for tickets between Austin and NYC and I found one for $300, but it was making 1 additional stop (Chicago) making the entire trip to last about 5-6 hours. Finally I found a JetBlue ticket that goes directly Austin-NYC (JFK) for $350 and I bought it.

I’ll be leaving on Sunday 24th at 7am and returning on Tuesday 26th at 8pm. The 25th and the 26th are holidays at work.

I still need to figure out the transportation from NYC to Albany but there are several options (trains and buses).

This is going to be the second christmas I’m going to spend with my sister. Last time was back in 2004 when we spend christmas eve at Eva’s house. I think I have NEVER spent a christmas without at least one family member. I must be very lucky!

One response to “Non-Stop Traveling”

  1. Pues sí­, que fin de año tan recorrido. Pero me alegra mucho haber podido convencerte!! Juan David me va a acompañar a recogerte a NYC así­ que no hay problema con la llegada. No habrá mucho por hacer aquí­ el 25 por ser festivo pero algo nos inventamos. Al menos tendrás una navidad nevada en tu historia!