Colombia 2 Р1 M̩xico!

This weekend I went with Carlos, Ruben and Marcos to Houston to watch the match between Mexico and Colombia for the Gold Cup 2005 quarter finals.

It was a very fun weekend: on saturday evening we ate very good BBQ and drink some screwdrivers. Later that night we went to Bar-Rio (same club I visited last time I went to Monterrey) and finally we went to David’s place and helped him out with his apartment decoration.

On sunday we had brunch at Miguelitos (a Venezuelan restaurant) and I had arepas stuffed with shreded meat an ‘guayanés’ cheese and a chicken empanada with coffee. And then we headed to the Reliant Stadium to watch an epic game between Colombia vs México.

On a side note, the NI-Eagles soccer team lost pretty badly this weekend, which mades us (Jerónimo, Chaparro, Marcos and me) feel a bit guilty for not being there, but also good because I guess the Eagles really need us!

And the quote of the day came this morning from Boris (official NI-Eagles goalkeeper):

Chaparro’s email: “…BTW, I apologize again for not making it to the game this past Sunday.”
Boris reply email: “Daniel is forgiven. The Mexicans are not. Driving out of town to watch your team lose is inexcusable.”

Check Marcos’ comments about the trip to Houston.

Pictures available here, here and here.