Super Awesome Firemans #4 Ultimate Fitness Program is back!

Day 18 – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Day 18

After some hesitation, strong arguments, lots of tears, laughs and gummy bears, I have decided to bring back the ‘Super Awesome Firemans #4 Ultimate Fitness Program’, but not without some minor adjustments.

The new program involves 3 main changes:

  1. The days I don’t feel like having a beer, I don’t have to have one
  2. For the remaining days of the program I will have one apple in addition to the Firemans #4 beer
  3. If I go out to a bar/restaurant that doesn’t offer Firemans #4 beer, I will drink some other beer and make a note about it
Day Height Weight Facial hair Pants size Juggling skills Mood Enjoyment Level Random number Feeling better?
18 5’1 Under 150 lb Well shaved 31 9 Cautious 500% 3735928559 Beyond a doubt