Almendra: A rare acquisition

Last weekend was labor day holiday and usually different stores arrange sales. Half Price Books one of my favorite stores in Austin had all its inventory with 20% discount. This store carries used books, cds, dvds and even lps and tapes.

First I went to the photography books section and got my self a really good photography book that is currently in its 9th edition and sells for $84 at amazon. I payed $14 for the 7th edition. I also bought a smaller book called How to Photograph People for $3.

Then I went to the foreign language books and got my self two books in spanish Rumbo a la libertad y Halcones de la noche each for less than $5.

After that I went to check the music and decided to buy some Opera, so I grabbed Carmina Burana and a compilation of songs by Puccini and Verdi.

Finally and this is the most interesting part of my Half Price Books adventure I was looking at the international artists section and I found a cd from Almendra.


This is an argentinian rock band from the 60’s and Luis Alberto Spinetta was part of it. The cd includes the album “Almendra”, plus some singles. I think this is an album that you will even have trouble buying in Argentina, so the fact that the cd is in Austin is really intriguing. How the hell this cd got here? I’m probably never going to found out, but it is interesting to think about it. Maybe I should do something similar: sale my Cuarto Acto cd from Estados Alterados or Shampoo from Calle Silvestre, hide a note inside the cd cover and ask the new owner to contact me and describe what he thinks about finding a very rare album from Colombia in Austin.

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